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All You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Any kind of pain can disturb your daily routine and needs timely attention. A neck pain can be sudden or can happen due to several underlying factors. What becomes important after a persistent neck pain is the right medication and if prescribed by the physician the right brace to support your neck.

Cervical Neck Support

Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Numbness, tenderness, tingling, sharp shooting pain, fullness, difficulty swallowing, pulsations, dizziness, stiffness in the neck, and swelling.
  • Shoulder pain, facial pain, headache, and arm numbness can also be because of neck pain.
  • Depending on the condition, a back pain both upper and lower can also be associated with neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

  • No pain comes announced and there can be several reasons for pain in the neck.
  • Over a period of time a poor posture, working at desk without changing position, sleeping with your neck in a bad position or jerking the neck during an exercise can cause muscle tension and strain.
  • Holding the phone between your neck and shoulder for long and cradling it causes neck pain.
  • Neck is one of the most moveable bones of the human body and is also prone to sudden jerks and vulnerable to injury especially during a car accident, a fall, or a sports injury. When the neck experiences a dislocation or fracture and the cervical disks located in the upper torso are not able to absorb the shock the spinal cord may also get affected during the injury.
  • Neck injury that is caused when there is an accident and the neck receives a sudden jerk it is called “whiplash”.
  • Arthritis is a condition which causes pain and swelling of the joints and bone spurs. When the arthritis condition affects the neck area it causes pain in the neck.

Soft Cervical Collar
Cervical Collar (SOFT)

How to Take Care of Neck Pain 
  • If you feel that the pain is only a minor stiffness you can start a home treatment with applying ice on the neck followed by heat either with a heating pad, hot compress, or hot showers.
  • Exercising mildly, getting a gentle neck massage, and taking an over the counter medicine like the ibuprofen can help you relief of your neck pain if it is mild in nature.
  • If symptoms persist for more than a week, you should see the doctor.
  • If there is numbness, headache, fever, pain that goes down to your arms or legs, trouble in swallowing or breathing; such symptoms should not be ignored and the doctor needs to be visited immediately.
  • An accident where the neck hurts needs immediate medical care.

Hard Cervical Collar (Adjustable)
Cervical Collar (HARD)
Treatment of Neck Pain

Depending upon the nature of neck injury, your doctor will prescribe you the right treatment.
  • Neck collars or braces are usually advised by the doctors to provide relief to the neck other than the exercises and if the injury is of a serious nature than a spinal surgery too can be recommended.

How useful are the Neck Braces?
  • A neck brace immobilizes the neck and will keep the head relatively still while your injury is being healed.
  • A neck brace helps your neck to bear the weight of your head while the injured area and the soft tissues can be healed.
  • You can even wear a neck brace while driving as a precautionary measure to protect your neck from sudden jerks and injury.
  • After a neck surgery, a neck brace is required to support the neck to keep the neck bones in line.
  • A physician will guide you to use the right brace and in the right position to help you accelerate the process of healing the injury.
Contoured Cervical Collar
Cervical Collar (Contoured)

How to Choose the Correct Neck Brace
  • The neck brace should be snug to fit your neck correctly without keeping it too tight.
  • It should be very comfortable to wear and only the padded area should touch your skin as the neck brace holds your head comfortably.
  • GPC Medical Limited offers one of the best quality neck braces available in the market.
  • They are easy to wear and brings relief to the patient and cause no skin irritation.

A neck brace can give you maximum benefit if worn properly and can make the healing process quick.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Best Daily Living Aids & Rehabilitation Products

GPC Medical Limited is a premier rehabilitation products manufacturing company that puts its best efforts to give you all medical rehabilitation products under one stop. Apart from being very quality conscious we try and make every product that is required by the patient under one roof.
The Arm Tourniquets manufactured by GPC Medical is a constricting band placed around arm or leg to control bleeding. It is required in laboratories and operation theatres to control the pressure of the blood and restrict the flow while using a syringe to take out the blood. It is designed to give the right compression and hold the flow firmly for a temporary period.

Thomas Splint
Thomas Splint
Thomas splint is a leather covered swivel ring, tinned, used for fractures of upper and lower thighs. GPC medical also make Cramer’s Wire which is used as an emergency splint before applying the cast. GPC Medical ensures that the wires used are vinyl coated for a soft pliable finish. These wires are mouldable and are light in weight. They are bio friendly and easily get adjusted with the body without causing any kind of discomfort.

Braun’s Bohler Splint is used in wards for immobilization and reduction of lower limb fractures and also is used for treatment of other lower limb pathologies.  It consists of 4 pulleys for application of mobile traction.

Folding Commode
Folding Commode
The other general rehabilitation products manufactured by GPC Medical include headache bands, wrist cuff weights and commodes. All the products are quality checked and give the desired results as expected by the patient. The company focusses on providing relief from pain by giving the best products and adding to a comfortable living.   

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Buy Fracture Aids Online at Best Prices

Orthopaedic Stockinette Roll
Orthopedic Stockinette Roll
A fracture is a condition when a bone or several bones of the body get either broken or acquire a crack or a sprain due to an accident. In such situations, Fracture Aids come very handy in supporting and immobilizing the sprained, broken or surgically operated area. They help in maintaining the flexion position while it recuperates.

GPC Medical Limited manufactures a range of customized fracture aids to give its patients a comfortable feel while they are recovering. The products we manufacture are sleek and smartly designed to suit all weather conditions and give a comfort feel even in hot and humid climatic conditions. Our products focus on the comfort of the patient and at the same time they are engineered to provide the exact positioning so that the patient’s recovery is at the earliest possible time span.
Crepe Bandage
Crepe Bandage
GPC Medical products have a bearing of having a plush look that is wrinkle proof, adjustable, has convenient application, has room for enough ventilation, soft feel, flexibility that can be customized, and are very durable. Different products have different customized features as per the requirement of the fracture aid need. We give you better tightening and better grip in our products as compared to the other products available in the market. 

Shoulder Immobilizer
Shoulder Immobilizer
GPC Medical manufactures Orthopaedic Stockinette Roll, Adjustable Pouch Arm sling, Crepe Bandage, Cast Shoes, Hyper Extension Brace (Ash Brace), Meek Clavicle Brace, Meek Clavicle Brace (Velcro Type)Shoulder Immobilizer, Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer, Arm Sling StrapRib Belt, and Posture Aid. All these products have customized distinct features as per the requirement of the injured body part.

Click Here to check out complete range of Fracture Aids manufactured by GPC Medical Limited.

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Operating Room Positioning Devices

GPC Medical Limited takes care of all your medical and hospital needs inside the operation theatre and outside the theatre as well. When a patient is being operated he or she needs to be in the most comfortable position both for being operated and after the operation.

Round Gel Headrest
Headrest Gel Support
GPC Medical takes into detail all the microscopic needs of the patient and deftly crafts all the devices needed in the operation theatre with utmost care.

The Round Gel Head Rest is placed under the head to fix the head without any discomfort while the surgery is being carried out. The gel head rest helps in distributing the pressure and also supports the head in the right position.

Gel Hand Rest
Gel Hand Rest
GPC Medical also makes Gel Hand Rest. The patient being operated needs to be in the most comfortable position and at the same time needs to remain stationary. The Gel Hand Rest is a comfort device that positions the hands at the right position and gives a smooth feel.

GPC Medical also makes Multi Utility Bolsters. A Multi Utility Gel bolster is a convenient device that is used for several purposes. It helps in holding unconscious patients while they need to be lifted. It helps in providing maximum rest to the spine after a spinal or a hip surgery.

Gel Multi Utility Bolster
Gel Multi Utility Bolster
GPC Medical ensures that all its products being used as Operation Theatre Positioning Devices provide maximum comfort to the user and have maximum pressure holding capacity. They do not harden or leak with the change in temperature and are absolutely skin friendly. The stringent quality ensures that the products are durable and have anti slip property. They have international standards and are being used worldwide.

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GPC Rehabilitation Products & Aids to make Your Life Easier

Rehabilitation Products & Aids at Best with GPC Medical Limited

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Different Types of Cervical Neck Braces, Supports, Cervical Collars & Pillows

GPC Medical Limited manufactures Cervical Support products that are designed to immobilize the cervical as required, to relief the pain, and also provide comfort to the person wearing these cervical support aids.  We make products that provide strong support to the recommended area of the cervical.
Cervical Collar (Soft)
Cervical Collar

GPC Medical Limited is constantly endeavoring towards giving its customers products that give the best results to the persons using it. Our Cervical Support Products give high immobilization, better support, quick relief, are better fitted around the neck, have a long life, and most important of all are very very comfortable. We also ensure that the person wearing our cervical collar of the recommended type gets no rash or allergy even after prolonged use of the collar. They are anatomically moulded, have a good aesthetic look, provide enough ventilation, have minimum contact surface, are hypo allergic , are easy to clean, and can be easily worn and taken off by the patient. Our products are designed keeping in mind all the aspects related to the comfort of the patient including the chin support that is required in most cervical support aids products and the option of varying rigidity.
Contoured Cervical Pillow
Cervical Pillow

Our products are reinforced with LDPE sheet with thick round edges that do not bite the skin and also the edge does not bite the foam. They have a longer life and the colour of the collar is pleasing to the eye and matches the skin.

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Buy Best Quality Wrist & Elbow Support Braces Online!

GPC Medical Limited manufactures the most technically engineered products that give a comfort feel for the wrist and elbow support. The wrist products with thumb is designed to support, protect and immobilize the injured part partially to give it the perfect support needed while still allowing free and natural movements of the fingers. It allows the pain to be relieved by compressing it in the desired way and making an extra grip without pressurizing it.

Elastic Elbow Support
Elastic Elbow Support
To make sure that the patient is not uncomfortable while wearing the brace; it is made with high modulus of elasticity, is porous, and retains size and shape for a long time.

Elbow Supports & Braces

An elbow splint generally happens to people with old age, people suffering from arthritis, and sports active people. A repetitive elbow splint can be extremely painful and hence needs to be taken care of. Wearing the elbow support can prevent the person from recurring injury and releasing the pain.

Elastic Cock-Up Splint
Elastic Cock-Up Splint
Elbow Support made by GPC Medical provides an excellent and firm compression, the required heat, and complete support to the forearm and the elbow joint. It takes away the patient’s pain and makes them comfortable. The elbow support is light in weight, is soft and comfortable, has the required elasticity, and allows easy elbow movement. The cotton used inside is bilayered which gives a comfort feel and better compliance with the skin. The patient feels no sense of uncomfortableness or any kind of itchiness while wearing it in any kind of weather condition.

It has a long life and very appealing aesthetics. The nylon on the outside gives it a snug fitting, colour fastness, retains body heat effectively, and makes it easy to clean.

GPC Medical Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in the rehabilitation aid products because of its focus on every minute detail of the product that is made by the company. The Elbow Splint Products include Elastic Elbow Support and Elastic Support (Deluxe). 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Best Knee Support, Calf Support Socks & Ankle Braces

Knee problems are on the rise in today’s times. The reasons are compound from the increased longevity of age, arthritis and rise of obesity. All these factors put higher pressure on the knees and ankles leading to an increased state of uncomfortableness.  
GPC Medical Limited makes products that are designed with the present needs of the clients world-wide. Hence, we call it the next generation tubular product. These products are knitted on a 3 dimensional computer controlled circular looms to give the desired mild compression, warmth and support to the knees and ankles. Its aim of course is to release the person of the pain and increase the mobility without any discomfort.
GPC Medical Knee, Calf and Ankle Products have a fine grip at the edges with a four way stretch. They give a uniform compression and are easy to wear and remove. The knee or the ankle does not get tied up or reduce the movement after the brace has been worn. The patient is comfortable with better confidence of compression and grip. Due to the bi-layered cotton being used inside the patient feels a better sweat absorption and a more complying feeling with the skin. The nylon being used on the outside gives it a long life, better appearance, colour fastness, and easy to clean option. It also helps in retaining the body heat effectively and faster healing of the injured or ailing part.
The Knee, Calf and Ankle Supports being made by GPC Medical include Ankle Brace, Elastic Knee Support, Elastic Tubular Anklet, Hinged Elastic Knee Support, Knee Cap, Elastic Tubular Varicose Vein Stocking, Varicose Vein Stocking with Velcro Straps, and Elastic Tubular Anklet.

GPC Medical Products do not leave any arena of complain by the customers and give complete satisfaction to those using it. They come in different sizes and are unisex.

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Types of Finger Splints, Support & Braces

GPC Medical Limited takes care of all your minutest need in the rehabilitation aids and products. A small injury to a finger can also be very painful and needs a perfectly fitting aid to ensure an early recovery. Our finger splints are sleek and convenient braces that are well cushioned to ensure a snug fit. They are light in weight, hypo allergic, and immobilize the phalanges.

Frog Finger Splint
Frog Splint

GPC Medical manufactures different types of comfort finger splints to ensure the perfect alignment of the injured finger joints and maintains the inter­-phalangeal connectivity in an optimal position. These finger splints are well padded and work wonders towards an early recovery.  We give the patient the desired comfortable cushioning, without restricting the movement of the other fingers.  They are well ventilated ensuring that the sweating does not happen while the splint has been worn. They are aesthetically pleasing and anatomically designed. They are easy to clean and maintain and are odourless.

Mallet Finger Splint
Mallet Finger Splint

GPC Medical Limited is very conscious of the quality of its products and therefore looks into every minute aspect of the product that has been produced. 

There are customized finger splints as per the injury on the finger or the thumb. The products made by GPC medical include Frog Splint, Finger Cot, Finger Mallet Splint, Finger extension Splint, and Thumb abduction Splint.  

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Comfortable and Healthy Living Tips

Our body is constantly going through a metamorphosis of change. As we begin to cross the threshold of 40 years or the middle age, our physical health begins to show signs of deterioration. The inevitable cannot be ignored. The constant growing stress and unreasonable demands from our physical body accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle and changed eating habits, take a toll on our physical well-being.

However, there are two sides of each coin. If there is a negative aspect towards today’s lifestyle, there is also a positive aroma in it. Life spans have increased with the advancement in medical science and increase in consciousness towards one’s health. Paradoxically, we are all aware of what is good for us and what can be harmful to our health, but we still tend to ignore it.
What Signals of My Body I Should Not Ignore
  • If you find any changes in the chemistry of your daily body routine; it’s time to introspect it.
  • If your body joints are becoming stiff and showing signs of uncomfortableness and pain you need to visit a doctor. Early detection of any forthcoming problem helps to resolve it quickly.
  • Do not wait for the pain to magnify and then take a call for visiting a doctor.
Following your doctor’s direction diligently can bring forth your life to the needed direction.

Identifying the core cause of your pain and getting the right timely advice will solve your problem faster. In case of a sprouting physical problem like back ache, abdominal pain, pelvic or cervical pain or a mild body injury, using the right rehabilitation aids products with the advice of your doctor can be very helpful. They not only provide comfort but also help in giving the required support to your body.

How to Choose the Right Rehabilitation Aid Product Available in the Market?

The market is flooded with many rehabilitation aid products, each claiming to be the best. However, as a consumer and a patient you have to be well informed to make the right choice for your body.

  • Look for the best quality but not the most expensive. A higher priced product is not the only parameter for the quality.
  • The quality can be examined by the aesthetic look of the product, the comfort feel of it, testimonials from clients who have already used the product, the market reputation of the company that has manufactured the product, and the feedback of its after sales service.
  • For Rehabilitation Aids Products we recommend GPC Medical Limited which fulfils almost all the criterion for products that have international standards, the best engineered products that have latest research bearings and uncompromising quality, and a price that suits your pocket best.
However, some problems are of a higher magnitude may require immediate surgery. In that case, with the advice of your doctor, go for the surgery and give yourself a comfortable living.

Is an orthopaedic surgery risky?

  • Orthopaedic surgeries in a lot of cases are done in emergencies, usually after an accident.
  • When a doctor recommends a surgery, it is usually, when that is the best solution for the patient, so go for it.
  • A successful surgery can free you of the pain and build a road towards a healthy living.
  • Choose your doctor wisely and make no compromises for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be cautious about the orthopaedic products available in the market and make the right choice.
  • Good quality products being used within the body go a long way in making the surgery successful.
  • GPC Medical Limited as recommended by us gives the best quality orthopaedic products that are customized according to the need of the patient.
  • Choose wisely and bring back the smile on your face.
Your body is your temple; worship it each day, by giving it the right direction and timely intervention.

Do not just read about healthy habits, follow it.  

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Best Quality Invalid Wheelchairs - Folding/Non-Folding

GPC Medical Limited is a one stop shop for all your medical needs. Wheelchairs are often the first necessity in any hospital or medical institution. As soon as, a person who is unwell and is brought to the hospital, the wheel chair becomes the first rehabilitation product that is required for the patient to make him or her mobile. Therefore, it is imperative that the wheel chair should be very sturdy and customized as per the need of the patient.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair

GPC Medical Limited manufactures wheel chairs that are made from strong metal frame to suit all kinds of rugged road conditions.  They have special sealed bearings used for smooth movement. The back and seat is made from double bonded vinyl fabric with upholstery to make it comfortable for the user and also very durable. All chairs are epoxy coated in two colour shades. They have adjustable foot rest that makes it comfortable for the patient to adjust accordingly.

GPC Medical manufactures a range of wheel chairs, manufactured and designed according to the need of the patient, to make the movement as convenient as possible.

Each product is quality checked and is durable. These wheel chairs are light in weight and compact after they are folded so that they can be easily transported from one place to another. GPC Medical guarantees you the best product available in the market that matches with international standards. 

Check out GPC complete Wheel Chairs range at

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