Friday, 11 July 2014

Different Types of Cervical Neck Braces, Supports, Cervical Collars & Pillows

GPC Medical Limited manufactures Cervical Support products that are designed to immobilize the cervical as required, to relief the pain, and also provide comfort to the person wearing these cervical support aids.  We make products that provide strong support to the recommended area of the cervical.
Cervical Collar (Soft)

GPC Medical Limited is constantly endeavoring towards giving its customers products that give the best results to the persons using it. Our Cervical Support Products give high immobilization, better support, quick relief, are better fitted around the neck, have a long life, and most important of all are very very comfortable. We also ensure that the person wearing our cervical collar of the recommended type gets no rash or allergy even after prolonged use of the collar. They are anatomically moulded, have a good aesthetic look, provide enough ventilation, have minimum contact surface, are hypo allergic , are easy to clean, and can be easily worn and taken off by the patient. Our products are designed keeping in mind all the aspects related to the comfort of the patient including the chin support that is required in most cervical support aids products and the option of varying rigidity.
Cervical Pillow Contoured

Our products are reinforced with LDPE sheet with thick round edges that do not bite the skin and also the edge does not bite the foam. They have a longer life and the colour of the collar is pleasing to the eye and matches the skin.

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