Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What is a Rollator?

Folding Walker With Wheels
Folding Walker with Wheels
A Rollator is a mobility aid which provides wonderful service that allows people to maintain a degree of independence. These are basically standard walkers also called wheeled walker invented by the swede Aina Wifalk in 1978 who herself was a polio sufferer but originally a brand name, “rollator” has become a genericized trademark for wheeled walker in many countries. It is the most common type of walker used in Scandinavian and European countries for many years. Unlike a regular walker you need not to lift the walker that a normal walker requires.  A rollator, sometimes called a wheeled walker or rolling walker because it consists of three or four wheels so that a user can easily or independently use it without any other persons support. Rollator is very helpful for the development of self-esteem. With the help of rollator, children with walking difficulty can independently attend their school or go out with their friends.

Features of the Rollator:

There are some special features which make rollator different from wheelchair or walker. With the help of these features many people are comforted who have difficulty in  walking and offer greater mobility, comfort and less fatigue.

With the help of wheels rollators move smoothly over the ground, both inside and outside.

Various types of breaks are used for rollator so that it can easy to reach and operate. Cable brake are like brakes of bicycle in which user needs to squeeze the brake handle to fully stop the rollator. Pressure brake works when the user exerts weight on the frame, the break will engage and stop movement. Reverse brake are used to locked the rollator, user need to squeeze the brake handle so that it can come in motion again.

You can adjust the handle of the rollator according to your height and comfort.

Rollators can also be used as a transport chair which is safer and comfortable. 2 in 1 rollator have a seat and removable footrests are made so that it can be used by someone else while you are sitting or you can use it as a rollator by pushing it yourself. It will function best for both use.

Types of Rollator:

Four wheel rollator or four wheeler rolling walker has a seat on which you can sit down and it is available with a basket under the seat or in the front of the walker.

It is also known as three wheel rolling walker which is more stable and practical walker for using outside. This rollator can fold up easier than that of 4 wheel rollator and it don’t have seat on which you can sit down.

Petite rollator are specially designed for those who are small in stature i.e. people under 5’4’’; these rollators are built on different scale such as junior size is meant for children or small adults. Height adjustment and hand grip is extremely important to consider while looking for a petite or any other rollator. Wheel under 5’’ are good enough for indoors but if you want to take your walker for a stroll in the garden that will want larger wheels so that it can handle difficult surface more quickly and without difficulty. First of all you have to consider the area where you plan to use these then according to your requirement you could choose any one of these like: petite wheeled walker, a standard petite walker or a petite rollator.

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